OpenGenus Foundation

The future of Internet on Earth is bright but dull on Mars. We will fix this.
- OpenGenus, an open-source community on Earth.

OpenGenus Foundation is an open-source non-profit organization with the aim to enable people to work offline for a longer stretch, reduce the time spent on searching by exploiting the fact that almost 90% of the searches are same for every generation and to make programming more accessible.

OpenGenus is all about positivity and innovation.

Over 1500 people have contributed to our missions and joined our family. We have been sponsored by three great companies namely Discourse, GitHub and DigitalOcean. We run one of the most popular Internship program and open-source projects and have made a positive impact over people's life.

We will go to Mars again very soon. Everyone is playing their role and our role is to make the Internet experience great on Mars by experimenting on Earth.

Over half of the World's population is without a reliable internet connection and mentorship. We are on a mission to enable people to enjoy the internet in such conditions and help imagine and lead a progressive life without Internet with expert guidance.

Sponsors of OpenGenus Foundation


Projects at OpenGenus


Algorithms that run our Universe

One of the largest algorithmic data-store resulting from crowd-sourcing contributions from over 800+ programmers and one of the most popular projects at GitHub.

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Bringing the Internet offline

Quark is the World's first offline search engine that enables people to continue coding and stay productive while offline.

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Bringing information in most effective way

The flexible place to grow your projects in a community of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, flex desk.

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Flostering discussions for good

The flexible place to grow your projects in a community of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, flex desk.

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Search Engine

Making searching more generation sensitive

The search engine that is the choice of every programmer. It relies on the key idea that "searches made by every generation is nearly same."

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